Heart Solutions

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International Reader, Twane Ahorangi Bartlett

Heart Solutions in Auckland, New Zealand provides healing and spiritual guidance as a medium and clairvoyant reader. I am local to New Zealand, but serve my clients worldwide.

I am a Violet Ray Twin Flame life coach. My Twin Flame Journey started in 1983. Through personal experience in my Union, I offer guidance to those in need of finding clarity. 

I am a clairvoyant Tarot reader and Elohim health practitioner, working to restore balance between the physical body and the light bodies contained in the Aura.

What sets me apart from other healers is that I am a Violet Ray Twin Flame. My spiritual gifts are amplified by the energetic link with my Twin. It's important to me to stay humble as he is as much a part of my Gift as I am.

Like most spiritual gifts, this connection is difficult to explain. I don't expect others to understand my ability to connect to the spiritual realm when I don't understand it completely myself. 

My Education

I officially qualified as a Tarot reader in 2007 when I completed my studies with certified Melody tutor Kay Ford in Auckland, although I've been reading since I was 16 years old. I obtained my Crystals Practitioner Certificate levels 1 and 2 in 2011 with Kay Ford and obtained my Elohim Practitioners Certificate with international healer Nigel Collis in July 2015.

New Zealand and the World

My services are offered throughout New Zealand as well as worldwide via Skype.

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