Heart Solutions

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The Highest Good for All

My services at Heart Solutions in Auckland, New Zealand come from my work with my Spiritual guides, the Ascendant Master Saint Germain and his Lady Portia, Archangels and Angels, as well as other Ascendant Masters. I work with the highest frequencies which the 5th Dimensional Cosmic Law will allow for myself. My intention is to achieve the highest good for all involved.

Spiritual Gifts Meet Modern Day Technology

The marvelous technology available today allows me to reach out and connect with clients around the globe. Through the use of Skype, my clients feel as though they are in the room with me and are able to see the Tarot cards.

Skype also allows for convenient scheduling times due to our varied time zones around the world for effective absent healing benefits.

Consultations at home in the Auckland area. I am open to discussion to make arrangements.

Consultations at local holistic markets Crystal Visions. Check respective websites for dates and venues.

Client Reviews

WOW!!! What an honor...let me also say that the next time you need direction we definitely recommend getting in touch with Twane Ahorangi Bartlett at Heart Solutions, what an amazing Soul she is" - Twin Flames Laura Wood and Sean Levi. 

"Thank you for our contact Twane. I feel so connected with you...from the Netherlands" - Y. Monique

"Many thanks for a real good reading earlier this week, what a blessing it truly was....you clearly have a direct link to Spirit as your descriptions are spot on...lots of blessings to you" - E. Welgens

"Thank you for your reading Twane, you certainly explained Twin Flames to me, and your knowledge base is incredible. I will certainly recommend you to my clients. You deliver with integrity, soul and your link is pure. Very rare to see. I hope to work alongside you again one day." - Brigid Curren

"My journey to union with my Twin Flame would not have been possible without Twane Not only with her valuable Tarot readings, but also with her clairvoyance and Elohim healing. She is amazing." - J. Lorusso


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